Best TV Podcasts: Bald Move Network

I'm obsessed with podcasts and listen to them for several hours a day. So I'm going to start a series on the best podcasters of a variety of genres.

First off: TV! I love TV and watch a lot of TV shows, especially the big shows like HBO puts on. There are tons of podcasts out there on TV shows, but Bald Move has the best, especially if you are into genre shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld, or American Horror Story, or dramas like Breaking Bad or Mr. Robot. They have over thirty TV podcasts listed, so chances are good they have your show.  The in-depth, intelligent analysis, the authenticity of the hosts, and the community aspect of the Bald Move network makes it my go-to TV podcast network.

Bald Move also has a club level where you can buy in and get exclusive club member content. The main hosts of Bald Move's podcasts are Jim and A. Ron, who are also the founders. According to their About page, they have been friends since childhood and have always shared a lot of interests. I joined the club to give some small financial support because I was getting a lot out of the Game of Thrones coverage and wanted to support them. I don't take advantage of all the premium stuff, but I like watching the premium-only "Lunch with Jim and A.Ron" video podcast every Friday. You can watch it live or later you can watch a recording or listen to an audio cast of it.
Two guys in a podcast studio. Semi-cute nerd types who probably bathe. They are wearing Bald Move t-shirts. One has a beard; both have glasses.
Friday Lunch Buddies A.Ron and Jim
During Lunch, they chat about topics that aren't in-depth enough for a full podcast and answer listener questions. Because they are good friends as well as having a tight community around their forum, it has a nice flow, and they have robust conversations on everything from TV, movies and gaming to what's going on with their company and their ups and downs as podcasters. I find this really valuable because my husband and I are both writers, so it's always interesting to hear how others are making things happen. They are running a campaign right now to raise revenue for 2017 after having a big financial setback, and it was easy for me to decide to throw $5 their way on top of my membership fee after all the valuable hours I've spent listening.

Personally, I am not 100% in the "nerd universe" of reading Reddit for hours, listening to a thousand podcasts, or theorizing up and down about every show I watch. However, on certain shows I find it really useful, like on Game of Thrones, where I sometimes just have no idea what's going on because of the level of detail. I actually didn't get into Game of Thrones until mid-season 3 when Colin was watching it and I just didn't move away from the TV in time and basically got hooked. I watched some of the older seasons out of order and mixed in with newer seasons and got really confused.

So I had a lot to learn about and went looking for Game of Thrones podcasts. Bald Move's is by far the best Game of Thrones podcast. Game of Thrones podcasts often get bogged down in the hosts' theories and ideas, or creating a "book reader vs show watcher" dynamic. Bald Move does discuss the different theories and book knowledge and stuff, with A.Ron being a book reader who also loves the show, and Jim as the show watcher, but A.Ron isn't arrogant about it, and don't get stuck on their own theories. So rather than "book reader vs show watcher" it comes to "book reader conversing with show watcher" in a way that I find interesting since I haven't read the books.

I've also been listening to their Westworld podcast. I don't love Westworld quite as much as some shows, but I like it. In this case, I think listening to the podcast and participating in the Bald Move forum has actually made it more interesting to me to watch the show. I had a hard time reading or listening to Mr. Robot coverage because I see the show in a different way than a lot of podcasters or internet commenters. But the opposite is happening with Westworld. I think maybe because I don't love Westworld as much, it's more fun or easier for me to listen to people theorize or argue with those who pick it apart in ways I don't agree with.

The hosts are really what makes Bald Move the best TV podcast network. You can really tell Jim and A.Ron are long time friends and collaborators when you listen to their podcasts. They are able to go deep with some of the topics, argue and check each other from time to time, and overall keep their conversation going on a really deep level while still being humble. One of the cool things about the podcast is they are often having the conversation for the first time and they sometimes surprise each other with their opinions.

The community around Bald Move is pretty special too. The forums are active daily with people who really treat each other with respect and courtesy. Strange on the internet, right? Recently, Bald Move announced that their financial projections for 2016 took a huge hit and were very transparent explaining the reason. It's been really cool to see the activity on the forums in terms of how people care about and want to support Bald Move financially and in terms of moral support and professional services.

I really recommend Bald Move for TV podcasts! 

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