Cloudborn Fibers Yarn by Craftsy

I was excited when Craftsy started selling an exclusive line of yarn. I think of Craftsy as a place to get good deals on quality yarn, so I figured it would be nice yarn for a good price. Craftsy sent me a couple of skeins of Highland Fingering for review purposes.

Disclaimer: I am a Craftsy affiliate, the links in this post are ad links, and they sent me this yarn to try out. However, all opinions are my own. I don't make enough money on these deals to sell my soul. What is the price of my soul, you ask? I'm not sure, but it's definitely more than a couple of skeins of yarn and a modicum of ad revenue. I just use affiliate revenue and blog samples to save money trying out things I would want to try out anyway and provide my genuine feedback and opinions.

So anywho, on to the yarn! I opted for one skein each of the Taupe Heather and Stone Heather. The Stone Heather is the darker color. In case your monitor is like mine: it's more on the brown side than what is showing on my screen. Both colors are on the warm toned side, but are showing more cool on my screen. So if you are seeing a more grey tone, adjust your mind to expect more of a brown tone for the Stone Heather and a more cream tone for the Taupe Heather.

Two skeins of yarn in neutral colors. Darker one on the left.
Cloudborn Fibers Highland Fingering
Craftsy has a pretty big range of the Cloudborn Fibers yarn, including a variety of natural fibers and colorful choices, but I chose a basic wool yarn in a set of neutral colors. I wanted to make something super wearable and practical out of it. I have a tendency to gravitate toward the fancy and pretty yarns, and they are gorgeous, but I have made several things that just hang on hangers because they don't match any of my clothes and they aren't super practical, and I have lots of gorgeous yarns just languishing in my stash at the moment. I've been wanting to make this pattern, Fibonacci's Biased, by Julie Blagojevich, for a long time, but I want to make sure it's wearable, so I have been resisting using a rainbow of sock yarns to make it.

I really like the choices I made. The yarn comes put up in hanks, and the hanks are firm and squishy. The heathering in this yarn is subtle and pretty. 
Closeup of both colors, shows heathering in detail
Closeup of yarn to show heathering
I really like the labels on these as well. Some yarn labels are kind of inscrutable, but these very clearly state all the pertinent information.

Shows the details of the label
Cloudborn Highland Fingering label
I like that Craftsy includes both American and metric information with regard to the hook size, weight and yardage, so you can easily reference it no matter where your pattern came from. Even though I am American, for whatever reason the metric hook sizes resonate more with me. I just find them easier to remember. I also like that they used symbols for everything as well as wording; for example, the care symbols and the yarn weight symbols are difficult for me to remember, and the words make more sense to me, but I know other people are the opposite. The design and color makes it clean and easy to read.

I'm honestly kind of torn at this point whether I want to make the simple pattern I chose, or whether I want to do something more textured, with cables and/or some kind of overlay. I think a textured, cozy cowl of some sort would look gorgeous in this yarn. Here are a few options I am thinking about. 

Celtic Cable Cowl by Noelle Stiles
There are actually 494 yards in each skein, so there would be enough for me to do both of these patterns, one in each color.

I was also thinking of doing this Northern Lights Snood by Kim Miller in a kind of ombre effect, using up one full skein and then the other.

My crochet friend Maarit suggested something pretty and lacy. She has more of a designer eye than I do, is really into neutrals and traditional crochet with a modern twist, and her stuff comes out really pretty. So I am thinking about her advice and using of one of these as well:
There are a million pretty shawl patterns on Ravelry... Before I go down that rabbit hole, I better sign off and go to work!

I'm going to decide in the next few days and start my project over the weekend. I'll keep you informed along the way. Let me know what you think or if you have an opinion of which pattern I should choose!

Update 3/5/16: I've posted the project post made with this yarn here!

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