Dia&Co Review - Styling Service for Plus Size Fashion

Disclaimer: I was given a free trial of Dia&Co because they knew I was writing a blog post. I did not get any free clothing; they just waived the $20 styling fee for this box. Also, the link used throughout is a referral link, meaning I get a bit of a site credit if you join through my link, and I have used affiliate links as well. If this review helps, I would appreciate if you would use to help support my blog. 

Dia&Co is a new plus size fashion styling service. I first heard about it on Love, Lust or Run with Stacy London. Buying plus size clothing in the malls can be stressful to say the least- the choices are slim, no pun intended, and the tryon process can be humiliating with the three-way mirrors and super young salesgirls who don't get it if you don't want to look like you are going to da club. So I do most of my shopping online, but that has its drawbacks as well- How do you know what size to get or if anything will even fit you? 

Enter Dia&Co, a shopping subscription service that sends you a package of goodies to try on at home.

Goodies from Dia&Co

Basically, you have a consultation with a stylist, then they send you a box of items that they think will work for you based on what you discussed.  I love trying on at home because I can take my time, I don't have to look at my ass in the three way mirror, and I can get photos to share with my friends on social media to decide. You have five days to decide and then you send back what you don't want and buy what you do. Easy peasy. 

First, the consultation with the stylist- My stylist, Megan, offered to call on the phone, which I thought was a nice personalized service. A lot of companies that offer "styling" seem to do some kind of quick survey and computer algorithm and the styling is way off or just random. In this case, I was super busy and couldn't make time for a phone call, so we did it over email, but it was still a personal email discussion where she sent a list of questions and I was replying to a human. I did feel like she really wanted to find styles for me and wasn't just working through a script - she asked a couple of times in different ways if I had other needs that I didn't feel were addressed by the questions she asked, which was nice. Overall, I feel like the items I got did reflect the answers that I gave her and she did a good job with that, giving the shipment a personal touch. The info card with my shipment was in an envelope that had my name personally written on it with marker.

Personal touch
OK, so now - on to the clothing!

Let's start with the least exciting item I got. A 100% acrylic woven scarf made in China.
Cute but basic
This scarf is cute, and it does fit the qualifications and ideas I shared in my styling conversation, but scarves like these are a dime a dozen and the price to buy it was $32.00. You can get them cheaper at the mall at stores like Forever 21 or Target, you can get them online at any number of shops that ship direct from China, or you can go to Amazon, eBay, or basically anywhere that sells cold weather clothing. I already have a million scarves, and I won't pay that price for a scarf unless it's handmade in the US or it's some luxe fiber. No thanks.

Second, I got this wrap dress.
Work Appropriate and cute - Worn with my own cami
This is the Emma and Michele - Abstract Rhombus Dress and the cost to buy it was $45.50. That seems like a reasonable enough cost for this type of dress. It fit nicely and I could wear it to work a ton. I don't particularly need anything like this because I do Gwynnie Bee as well and this type of dress is very common on that site. But it does fit the conversation Megan and I had about needing professional work clothes with fun colors and prints, and she can hardly be blamed for not knowing what I get from Gwynnie Bee.

Next, we have a Yumi bird print blouse, which is selling for $53.00.

Bird Print Blouse
This blouse is super cute and fun and would help me stretch a bit beyond what I would normally wear, which is always fun to find in a styling service. In fact, let's talk for a sec about why one would use a styling service rather than just going through sites and ordering online. I personally think it's fun when it works, and this time I think it really worked. The colors of this top make it super modern while the bird print and the bow add some whimsy. It sort of reminds me of something one would find on ModCloth. I wouldn't have chosen this for myself, but once I put it on, I had to admit that I liked it.

I am not sure I tied the bow right, but if I were keeping it, I might share this online with my plus size fashion friends to get advice on how to tie it better. The one downside to this top was that it was a bit short for me. I find a lot of retro styles are a bit shorter, and that doesn't work for me because my belly kind of sticks out right underneath in a way I don't care for.  The price is a teeny bit higher than I would want to pay for a blouse, too.

The item that was the most exciting to me in this shipment was a Modamix - Moto Jacket with Faux-Leather Detail, which they are selling for $149.00. 
I'm in love with this jacket
I'm not sure how Megan knew I was looking for a jacket like this because I sure didn't tell her, but I did say "I would love to wear an edgier style from time to time, especially on the weekends but I never seem to find the right pieces to pull it off." This fits the bill perfectly. The main fabric is a matte cotton and the trim is a polyurethane.  It was just a teensy bit snug in the arms and in the middle when I zipped it up. There seems to be an option on the Dia&Co site to request a larger size, and I might very well do that except I just got back from a work trip and spent my fun money for the month on personal stuff on the trip, so I can't afford a $149.00 jacket at the moment. But if I had the money in my budget this month, I would consider sizing up because with the modern styling, no collar, the cut, etc, this jacket is the best moto jacket I have tried for a long time. I also couldn't tell by the website whether if I size up, I get to try it for free or if they are going to charge me, so I opted not to test it out at the moment.

Last but certainly not least, I got these Junarose Ponte Pants With Faux Leather Panel, which are selling for $40.
I'm not sure if they are supposed to since they are called "pants" and not "leggings," but they fit me like leggings, and I like that. Junarose is a brand that's somewhat new to me but I really like the modern style. I don't have any leggings like this, and I have seen and tried on a lot to no avail. So I think I am going to buy these, even though I don't like spending $40 on leggings- I think I will get a lot of wear out of them this winter and I have been looking for a style like this for weekend wear. I like to go to events like music and art shows and I like to try for a slightly edgier look at those events. I have tons of tunic-length tops in dark colors that could use to be jazzed up a bit, and I think these pants will do the trick! This would even look amazing with that jacket up there that I can't afford and a long cami. Maybe I should start an online fundraising effort to get myself that jacket (kidding).

Overall I am pleased with my Dia&Co. experience. I do think if you were going to pay a $20 non-refundable styling fee, you should be ready to shop and buy something because otherwise it would feel like a waste. There's a page on the site to share feedback and it also asks whether you want to get another box next month, skip a month, let them know when you want another one, or cancel. I chose "I'll let you know" because I have a lot of clothing, I don't have a big clothing budget, I do Gwynnie Bee already, and I don't want to make another monthly commitment. If there wasn't a non-refundable styling fee, I would be more likely to do it more often, but I will probably do it once every few months or so just for fun and something different.


  1. Ang, I really like those leggins/pants on you!

  2. Fun! *LOVE* the moto jacket! Damn $149 Things That We Want!!!

  3. oh man that jacket is really cute and so are those legging! I could not bring myself to pay that much either though :/