Fiberista Club September 2015 Unboxing

Edited: Since writing this, I found out there is a coupon for new members in October: OCTOBERLOVE gets you 25% off your initial shipment.

Since I started up my crochet hobby last year, I have had my eye on some of the subscription boxes for yarn. They tend to deal in higher-end yarns and have prices to match, and I have tons of nice yarn already, so I have been hesitant to subscribe. But Fiberista Club had a coupon deal over Labor Day, so I went ahead and took the plunge.

The yarn you get is ultimately a surprise, but when you first sign up with Fiberista Club, you get to choose from some options. Here's a screen shot of the options you get. The options I chose are in black.

Fiberista Club Options
I kind of wanted to just see what would happen, so I chose the broadest category in each choice. And here's what I got, after the jump.

Fiberista Club September 2015
There are two skeins of Succulent Fiber fingering weight yarn in the colorway "Tarnish." It's a merino, cashmere and nylon blend and it's super yummy and squishy. It's soft but not so soft that it won't work up nicely. I'm secretly glad I got fingering instead of worsted or chunky. The included card says that those who got worsted or chunky got the same colorway in aran weight. 

It's kind of a mix of a denim blue color with grey. When I peeked in the envelope I wasn't overwhelmed with excitement, but after looking at this more in depth,  I think I can make some very nice and very wearable shawl or stole with it. 

Closeup view
I'm really excited to dig into this yarn and make something gorgeous to wear this fall and winter. I guess I have another WIP to start.

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