Chevron Toddler Blankie - Using Stash Yarn from KnitPicks

Note: I'm required by the FCC to let you know that this post includes affiliate links. I only use affiliate links on things I love anyway because I don't make enough money on affiliate advertising to sell my soul for it. I bought the yarn myself.

I've been crocheting up a storm this summer and haven't posted all my projects, but I had a ton of fun making this one and wanted to post about it. I used KnitPicks Swish Worsted for this project and Loved, Loved, Loved this yarn. It inspired me to stash up a bunch of the Swish DK for another project I plan to do this winter.

As always, I am not going to go super in depth on the project info because it's all on my Ravelry post. If you are into anything yarny and don't use Ravelry, you totally should sign up for a free account on there. It's a great resource.

A couple of things to note: I modified the start of this pattern. Pattern says to start with a chain. Since I learned to FSC, I haven’t been able to convince myself to chain. So I did FSC instead. Overall though, I absolutely loved this pattern and I will definitely do it again. There is a different kind of way of ending the rows that made them nice and defined.

Look at this gorgeous squishy yarn. I'm not sure why it's called "Swish" when it should be called "Squish." I might be in love with it. Don't tell my husband.

This is just the first several rows. I had a stash of this stuff that I had actually bought on eBay, so I didn't have even amounts and wasn't sure exactly how much I had. So I decided to do uneven rows to just use the yarn as it went along. I had more white than anything, so I did a big chunk of white and just kept switching out between colors, always kind of favoring white.
First several rows.
I had the least red of any of them, so rather than have it look kind of weak throughout the blankie, I decided to use it all up in roughly the first half. Then I just did white and black for the rest. I was also thinking of this little guy's mom- she likes modern design. So I thought it would be more fun to have uneven thicknesses and colors in the blankie.
Full Blankie
My little buddy who is getting this blankie lives in northern Mexico, and even though Mexico is thought of as a hot country, apparently they do have cold snaps in the area where this family lives. I hope his blankie is cozy for him throughout this winter. 

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  1. That is a beautiful blanket! I tried crocheting but couldn't get it right. Your make it look so easy.