Yarn Storage Idea!

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Every yarnie has a problem. There is too much gorgeous yarn in the world and you can't help yourself from buying it, even when you don't have a project in mind. Thus: the stash. And every yarnie looks for a way to organize the yarn stash! My weapon of choice: Underbed shoe organizers!

Oops, there's an empty spot
Shoe organizers work great as yarn organizers because you can stuff quite a bit of yarn in each segment, and this particular model has the kind of dividers that are loose and not sewn down. The people on Amazon who bought it for shoes seemed disappointed in that, but for yarn storage it's great; if you have one yarn you have a little extra of, you can squish it all in there and let it bulge a little to the sides.

Bulging Yarn

I love that you can zip it up, still see your yarn, but it's protected. The fabric it's made out of is somewhat breathable as well, so you can protect the yarn from dust and grit but still let it breathe. It's not the highest quality fabric in the world; it's made out of the same type of fabric as the cheaper fabric grocery store bags you can buy. But the thing only cost $10, and I don't drag mine out all that often since I store my stash on Ravelry. More money for yarn!

All packed up
How do you organize your yarn stash?


  1. Great idea. Some people use these to store fat quarters of fabric too.

  2. Thanks for the tip! Happy hooking ;)
    -mary aka yayamama

  3. Thanks for the tip! Happy hooking ;)
    -mary aka yayamama