Crochet Projects I've been working on!

I've been really bad about posting my crochet projects, mainly because I have been spending the time crocheting! But I wanted to share my favorite projects lately because I've made some really fun stuff. Note:  To keep this post brief, I've linked to my Ravelry projects so you can see the detail of the pattern, yarn and my detailed notes. If you are interested in following these more closely, I've been posting a lot on Instagram lately.

 Right now, I am working on the Richelieu Scarf pattern on Ravelry by Carol Wolf.

Richelieu Scarf
I'm using gorgeous muted color-changing yarn for this called Queensland Collection Uluru by Knitting Fever. I got this at a local yarn store, Acorn Street Shop in Seattle.  I love how this yarn is both colorful and muted. This colorway is basically a rainbow, but it's not "too much."

Queensland Collection Uluru
For Mother's Day, I made my mom a tote bag out of cotton. I didn't use a pattern for this. I made the base and the strap out of Tunisian Crochet for stability, and for the body, I just went around and around with different stitches to my taste.
Tote Bag I created
I have been working on a larger project too, that I have been picking up and putting down, which is the Sophie's Universe Crochet-Along (CAL). The ultimate goal is an afghan. It's gorgeous and challenging, so I can only do bits and parts at a time, switching it out with simpler projects to sort of cleanse my palate as well as meet deadlines for gift giving. The CAL is actually over, but I downloaded all the steps so I could keep working through the year. My goal is to be done by the end of the year.

Sophie's Universe Crochet-Along
Last, I made this cute scarf from Moogly- the Artfully Simple Angled Scarf. I actually modified it a little, which you can see on my Ravelry project. I love Tamara Kelly's designs - she designs a large range of things, and has a good selection of easy projects that are cute and have a twist on the typical free patterns out there. If you are a crochet beginner, I really recommend that blog to get started.

Artfully Simple Angled Scarf
And of course, I have a stash and a queue a mile long on Ravelry for projects I want to do next!

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