Chloe + Isabel News! Coupon Code and Capsule Collection

It's holiday shopping crunch time! I wanted to share some Chloe + Isabel promos and news. Before we get into the details, I just wanted to let you know- part of Chloe + Isabel is that I can give you personalized service and shopping/styling advice, so please feel free to reach out via email or my private Facebook group. The privacy of this group is set to Closed, so others can't see what you are talking about unless they are also in the group.

First, In case you are not out of money yet, Chloe + Isabel launched an 8-piece Limited Edition Holiday Capsule collection called Deco Fanfare, and the pieces are going fast. I have my eye on the earrings. If you have your eye on anything, what tends to happen with limited edition (especially the lower priced items) is the collectors all snap them up right away and cause limited stock!
Deco Fanfare
Next, there is a discount code:
The code is FFHOL14 for 25% off up until Dec. 15. 

Chloe + Isabel Coupon Code
In addition, we still have the promos throughout the whole season. You get a free random pair of studs with every $125 order and if you manage to spend $500 throughout the season you get a $100 credit. The credit will be on your account as soon as that $500 order goes through.

Chloe + Isabel Promo
When should I order? Here is a list of cutoff dates guaranteed shipping times before each upcoming holiday.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. I think I need to show my husband some of these pretty pieces before Christmas. Hopefully, he'll take the hint! If I am ready to buy any items, I will keep you in mind. Thanks for sharing info on the new collection. xx