Stamped Manicure to Add Dimension

 You can use nail art stamping to add beautiful art to your nails. Sometimes I like to use it to a more subtle effect, to add dimension to a manicure. This is how I used it today.

Subtle Stamping for effect
Basically, I looked for a few different colors in my stash that were in the same color family, and I wanted some glitter as well. 
I came up with:
  • ORLY Fowl Play - a purple polish with purple and red glitter. I did one sheer base coat of this.
  • Essie Wrapped in Rubies- a deep red metallic, which is what I used for the stamping
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Perky Pink (401), a pale pink jelly glitter. This particular glitter does not have a ton of glitter, which is why I chose it. I didn't want to completely obliterate the bottom two layers with glitter.
I stamped with Infinity Nails plate 02 (from Dashica) using a pattern that is more or less a bunch of concentric bubbles. Unless you look really close up, you can barely see the stamping, but that's exactly what I wanted.

Stamping is barely visible
I got the effect I was going for, which is a purply-red-pink-glittery multidimensional manicure!


  1. That's lovely! And so subtle, too. You should do a full tutorial so we can all learn how to do this. Also, looooove the glitter. Life is always better with glitter! xx

  2. Life IS better with glitter! When in doubt, add glitter. That's what they say, sooooo... :D Looks great, love the colour combo, too!

  3. WOW! So fancy, I love it. I love the color combo and the GLITTER! xx