Crochet Mania! Reflective Scarves

We have a saying in our family that either you have the "crafting gene" or you don't. My mom, a quilt designer, teacher and blogger, has it big time. I have it, but it has been lying dormant for years. Recently I found out that Red Heart came out with a reflective yarn, and since I commute by bus and am often walking around on city streets at night, I have been obsessed with getting some reflective stuff to wear. Off to JoAnn Fabrics I went, and I grabbed myself a mix of reflective and non-reflective yarns, and crocheted a scarf!

Scarf with reflective fibers
Don't ask me how I made it, because I don't know. I thought I was doing double crochet. But this is the first time in many years that I have crocheted anything, so I think I got my stitches wrong. Anywho, I finished it and it is warm and reflective. The blue/gray yarn is Red Heart Super Tweed in Landshark, and the reflective parts are in Red Heart Reflective in gray.

I then went back to JoAnn's and got a huge bag of yarns that I have been making my way through. I made another reflective scarf with Red Heart Reflective in purple along with Bernat Collegiate Chunky in the color Grass Dark Green Dark Purple.  

Purple and Green scarf
In this case, again I can't tell you the exact stitches I used because I thought I was doing double crochet but I might have been doing it wrong. I think I might have been doing double crochet but just in one loop and going back and forth, which gives it the stripey effect. I know the purple stripe has one row of something, one row of triple crochet, and then one more row of something. And then I put in the purple block in the middle because I had a lot of purple left and the scarf wasn't quite long enough. (Patterns? Who needs patterns?) This is a cowl that you can wrap around twice.

I'm excited about crochet! I have been working on a couple more projects and will try to post them as I finish them. I also set up a Ravelry profile. Do you do any crafts? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. You definitely have it! I love these long as it turns out even it might not matter what stitches you are using.