Outfit-inspired Manicure - Pink Stamped Roses

Today's manicure has a dual purpose. It was inspired by my outfit, which was a really cute Cherry Velvet dress that I got through Gwynnie Bee, a plus size clothing rental/borrowing service. I'm going to do a full post on Gwynnie Bee soon, but just so you know, I love it, so I became an affiliate, and they have a special right now where if you use my link, you get your first month for $10!

The other purpose was to kick off October, Breast Cancer Awareness month and participate in an Adventures in Stamping Sunday challenge to do a mani with a pink base.

Here is the outfit that inspired the manicure.

Cherry Velvet Melody dress
in Tea Room Print
Isn't it cute?? It's super comfortable and has pockets. The only thing to watch is it is a bit low-cut. I love the teapots all over the dress, and I took inspiration from the roses. Manicure after the jump.

I wanted to recreate the roses in this dress, and I think the stamping plate I have used the most is my MoYou London Pro Collection - 04. The two rose designs on the bottom row are my faves and I have used them over and over. This time I used the reverse one in the bottom right corner.

Rose Stamped Manicure
Colors used:
  1. base of SpaRitual Magnify, which is a bubblegum pink
  2. stamped with Sinful Colors Snow Me White, a pure white color and my go-to white for stamping
  3. topped that with Julep Lindy, a pink jelly with iridescent flakies
  4. top coat- Out the Door, my go-to top coat
Doesn't it go great with the dress? I love it.

Rose Stamped Manicure with
Cherry Velvet Tea Room Print dress
Using Lindy as a topper created a sort of stampwich effect - as you can see, the white is colored the barest of pinks by the jelly. The flakies in Lindy aren't that intense, which would be disappointing if you were going for a super flaky look. But is good in this case, because I wanted the stamping to show through.

Overall I was super happy with the way this whole look came out. I had a brunch to go to today with my fellow regional Chloe + Isabel merchandisers, and it was fun to wear this look.

Full look details:
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  1. That 's a very cute outfit! Love the nails too.