Chloe + Isabel Annoucement: Initial Charms Launching Oct. 7

Note: I am a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser and this blog post benefits me! If you do decide to purchase, please order from me: Angie Kritenbrink.

I just found out today that Chloe + Isabel will be adding initial charms to the Tresors line! This is super exciting. I love how C+I has all these ways to customize your jewelry to be unique to you. They come out October 7.

Chloe + Isabel
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The Tresors line already includes several really cute charms. There are chains you can buy, from simple to elaborate, to attach the charms to. Here's a photo from the page for the most elaborate one, the Tresors Chain and Pave Necklace Set. Like many C+I pieces, it is convertible and has multiple uses. And like all C+I pieces, it has a lifetime guarantee. In this post, I am showing the brass color, but there are both silver and brass-toned charms and chains.

Tresors Chain and Pave Necklace
(charms sold separately)
You can convert this into one long necklace, smaller lengths for bracelets, and even clip it on to some of C+I's other convertible pieces to make more of a statement. Or you can just use it as designed and buy some very cute charms to add to it! The charms in the photo are the Bumble Bee and Fox charms that came out with the fall line. This piece is definitely saved on my wishlist on C+I!

C+I's charms are multi-purpose as well. They actually can clip on to a lot of the different pieces. Here I show my own creation, which is the Pearl and Crystal Long Drops Necklace with the Bumble Bee charm attached. Since C+I uses just a few different finishes on all of the jewelry, you can mix and match like this. Imagine if I also had a letter A on here! It would be so cute.

Pearl and Crystal Long Drops Necklace
with Bumble Bee Charm added on
I'm also slightly obsessed with the Decorative Key charm.

Decorative Key Charm
And the Ornate Pendant charm is so pretty too... ok. I am wishlisting ALL THE TRESORS!

I can't wait for these initials to come out. Here's a little sneak peek closeup. I think she us wearing part of the necklace above as a bracelet, along with a couple of other C+I bracelets, and the Lucky Clover charm.

Tresors Initial Charm preview
You can find all of the Tresors by going to my boutique, clicking on Shop in the top right corner, and then under Collections, choose Tresors Charms and Chains.

What is YOUR favorite Tresors charm? Are you more of a silver or brass girl? Let me know in the comments!

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