1973 Inspired Stamped Manicure

The challenge in the Facebook group Adventures in Stamping this week is "Inspired by the decade you were born." I started Google image searching up a storm for fashion from 1973, when I was born. I saw tons of bright color, bold prints, and crazy colorblocking. I remember the polyester prints of the 70s and how bright they were, and that's what I wanted to go for. Then I ran across this Seattle Times article that showed this flight attendant's uniform from that year.

Flight attendant pic from 1973
The Seattle Times credited this pic to US Airways. I then went down the Google path of looking up retro flight attendant uniforms and found this photo from Pacific Southwest Airlines, which seems very similar to the one in the pic. It turns out that Pacific Southwest Airlines was one of four that formed US Airways in the late 1980s.

Pacific Southwest "Stewardesses"
I then found on a Pacific Southwest history page that these colors and styles were definitely in use for the flight attendants, aka "stewardesses," as they were called then. Here's one more pic of these gorgeous ladies.

Pacific Southwest "Stewardesses"
I'm kind of torn about these photos because on the one hand, making flight attendants dress this way and behave like sexy models was pretty sexist. Being a flight attendant, from what I have heard, is about a lot more than just serving cocktails and looking cute. In general, the early 70s was a pretty sexist time period, especially for women in these jobs. But on the other hand, these outfits are the BOMB DOT COM. Right?

So I decided for my manicure, I would take the bubblegum pink, orange and red of these manicures along with a bold print like some of the other stuff I saw and stuff I remember and make a bold manicure that honors the spirit of these women who served so elegantly and beautifully. 

I started with a base of SpaRitual Magnify, a bubblegum pink. I did two coats of that, and then on half of my nail, I sponged Lauren B "The OC," a bright orange creme, for a sort of color-blocked effect. I didn't get a perfect line by any means, but that's OK because I planned to stamp over it. If you wanted a perfect line, you could use tape as a guide. I then topcoated this before moving on to the stamping so it would smooth out the sponging and add some lasting power to my mani.

Color blocked orange and pink
Then I went ahead and stamped over the color blocked part with red nail polish, Lauren B in Rodeo Drive, and a houndstooth pattern from MoYou UK Pro Collection 04.

1973 Inspired Stamped Manicure
I love the bright colors. I can remember a lot of the 70s and we had so many fun, bright things back then. I hope the job of a flight attendant in that era was fun and interesting enough so that the sexist stuff not the top memory for those ladies! Let's never forget the ladies that went before us and paved the way.

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