Subtle Stamped Mani with SquareHue and Lauren B.

One of the cool things about nail art stamping is that you can use it to do amazing nail art, or you can use it to add some dimension to a more subtle manicure. I chose the second approach today, and I am very happy with the results!

I started with a base mani of SquareHue p.c. hooft straat. I got this in a swap, and I love it! The one thing about it that some people might not like- I had to do four coats to get it to look opaque. But to me that's OK because it's a super pretty color. It's purple with a color shift between warm and cool tones. This is four coats with a layer of top coat.

SquareHue p.c. hooft straat
I love this color so much. I think I will do it for my next pedicure. 

I actually did this manicure last night and this morning I was looking at it thinking... What if I stamped over this with blue? I wanted to choose a delicate pattern so a lot of the base color showed through, so I grabbed my Infinity plate 02 and use the pattern in the top left corner, which is just a bunch of concentric bubbles with some flower-petal-ish designs in the middle. 

I stamped over it in Lauren B. Aire of Bel Aire, which was sent to me by the company for this review. I have yet to do a full mani with this polish; I just keep using it for stamping! Having a 5-free nail polish that works so great for stamping is really a great thing and I would love to get more of these, but they are pricey, so I am keeping an eye out for them on swap sites.

So here are the results! What do you think? In real life, you can barely see the stamping. I had to really angle my hand right to get it in the photo. I kind of like that effect. 

Subtle stamped mani 

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