Modern Deco Stamped Manicure

I'm in a stamping group on Facebook that has challenges every Sunday. The challenge this week was to stamp over a yellow base. This was indeed a challenge since I normally don't like yellow. However, I had picked up a yellow recently to use in nail art, and I still have so many Sally Hansen untrieds that I thought I could make it work!

What do you think?
Modern Deco Stamped Manicure
For the base, I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Sizzlin' Saffron, stamped with Dashica Infinity Plate 42 using Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Gunmetal. Gunmetal is darker in the bottle than it turned out on this mani, but that's Ok because I kind of like the lighter color. 

I thought it looked really art-deco-ish, so I posed it with the Chloe + Isabel Modern Deco Stretch Bracelet (B012), which you can find in my Chloe + Isabel boutique if you are interested! (if it asks you for your merchandiser's name, my full name is Angie Kritenbrink).

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