Ice Bucket Challenge - Poco Edition

I had to toss my hat in the ring for the ubiquitous Ice Bucket Challenge.  We did things up a little differently though. Here's Poco with his challenge.

Our great-aunt Mary Gross had ALS. It's a terrible disease that slowly robs the body of function but preserves the mind, leaving the patient sort of trapped inside her own body at the end. Here's a more scientific-sounding description from It strikes young and old and has no mercy, eventually killing the patient.

Poco and I challenge everyone who hasn't donated yet to give at least the minimum, $5, to to help fund research for this disease. 

And we SPECIFICALLY challenge:
Rachel Kritenbrink
Luke Bruck
Luna the Fashion Kitty

We are patiently waiting for your responses. 

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  1. Poco is very civic minded...great job!