Summer Bloop Bloop!

My sister went to Malaysia for work a few months ago, and her trip just happened to be right before my birthday! So she brought me back a ton of different nail polishes from different countries, including these Bloop polishes! From what I can see, I think Bloop is a Malaysia company.

Bloop Nail Polish
Bloop Bloop
These are minis, 6 ml each. The white is a creme, and the rest are jellies. I am super excited to have more jelly colors! They have a few different fun uses in stamping.

For today, I did a skittles mani with these and then stamped over it. I was feeling very summery. They always say summer doesn't start until July 4 in Seattle because it can be kind of gloomy and cool weather before then. So I decided to do these neons along with the hibiscus flower stamp, which makes me think of Hawaii. I did a white undie to the yellow, and the other colors are two coats of each. Color and plate names below the photo!

Bloop Colors
H119 - white
H214 - neon yellow
H212 - neon orange
H114 - pink

Plate: Dashica Infinity 42 - First time using Dashica and I am super impressed!

Stamped with: Sinful Colors Black on Black

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