Sally Hansen Mania!

Rite Aid had a great Sally Hansen sale last week: 40% off and  you got $5 in +UP Rewards for every $15 you spent (and could do this twice). I'm not much of a couponer, but I live across from a Rite Aid, so I have been following their sales. I think Sally Hansen can compete with any salon brand, and I especially love the Sally Hansen Xtreme line, which is lower priced and always has all the trendy colors. This particular sale is over, but Sally Hansens go on sale a lot at Rite Aid.

So of course, I had no choice but to go buy $30 worth of Sally Hansens, right? $30 goes a long way with these, especially when they are 40% off and have +UP Rewards. There was also a Rite Aid Video Values coupon for $2 off a Triple Shine polish. I did these at two different times so I could use the $5 +UP Reward from the first batch on the second batch.

OK, couponing talk over! let's look at the pretties:

First Haul

For the first haul, I did eight Xtremes and a Triple Shine. I pretty much got all of the Xtremes that I didn't have already. There are more and they are very pretty, but they are things like metallic silvers and golds and I already have several dupes of each. So I chose lots of pretty bright colors.

Second, I went back and got these:

Second Haul

I did end up picking up one of the metallics I left behind before (Gunmetal) because it has more of a bluish tint than some of my other grays. And I found an original Pacific Blue, which has been popular online because they radically changed the color, so I should probably be able to sell it. (I already have one.) I rounded out my purchase with a couple of Triple Shines and I even went all out and got the Salon Manicure one because it is very close to a color I have been searching for. I usually don't buy the Salon Manicure ones because the price is similar to actual salon brands, which I also don't pay full price for. But at the sale price, and because I have been looking for the color, I went for it!

Needless to say, I will be sharing some very pretty Sally Hansen manis with you over the next few weeks! 

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