Mioposto Review - New Bryant Location

I live in a quiet neighborhood of Seattle called Wedgwood. It's not hip or trendy by any means, and I like it that way, because it's also comfortable and not too busy or crazy. We have one or two of everything you might need within walking distance - grocery stores, bars, servicable, average restaurants, coffee shops, nail salons. But what we are really lacking is really good restaurants, so I was really excited when I heard Mioposto was coming to Bryant, just one neighborhood to the south of us. They already have one location in another Seattle neighborhood and the owners have a long history of good restaurants in Seattle.

So when we heard they were having a soft opening Wednesday night, we had to try it out! When you first walk in, there is a kind of upscale homey vibe, which goes really well with the neighborhood.

Decor at Mioposto
The menu is based around Italian food and wood-fired pizza. They have a big wood-fired oven and apparently they don't have any other type of stoves or ovens, according to what the staff told us. So everything is either a cold dish, like a salad, or a hot dish prepared in the wood-fired oven.

We started with some really yummy local beers. Whoopsie, I drank half my beer before taking the photo.

Yum. Beer,
Good beer is a given in any respectable Seattle restaurant, though. So let's move on to the food.

To start, we had some olives ... 
Yum, Olives
We also ordered an appetizer called Melanzane.

Mioposto Melanzane
Mioposto Melanzane
Here's how they describe it on the menu:  "Eggplant marinated and roasted, served with fresh mozzarella and arugula then drizzled with basil mint pesto. Warm bread on the side." It was explained that the bread was made of the same dough as the pizza dough and was also baked in the wood-fired oven. The rest of the plate was cold ingredients. It was yummy.

Delivering our food was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen working in a restaurant. Based on the fact that she wasn't wearing a uniform and she was speaking of the place with a sense of ownership, I assumed she was an owner or manager. A little Googling later revealed her to be Tiah Hardy, who co-owns the restaurant, along with her husband Jeremy, who also stopped by later. Here's a an article about their other restaurant on the Capitol Hill blog, along with photos of the couple. They were great hosts and seemed to be working as a team with their staff very well. First nights of restaurants can often be bumpy, but you couldn't really tell it was the first night they were open. We expected some level of mistakes or service problems because it was a new place, and we would have been fine with that, but there were absolutely none.

More about Tiah - I worked in restaurants as a college student and always ended up a sweaty, cranky, hot mess by the end of my shift. I don't know how this woman does it. She wasn't even wearing an apron and she looked spotless, with great hair, makeup, and a casual-but-elegant outfit on of jeans and a high-end-looking knit top. The reason I point this out - she added an element of unfussy grace to our evening at Mioposto. It felt like being in a really sophisticated home where they just happened to be serving dinner to dozens of people. The wait staff also seemed quite professional without being snooty or too hipster-y. I really loved the vibe of the place. It seems like a comfortable spot to get a really good meal at a good price. I can see stopping here a lot on the way home from work for a beer and a pizza.  Knowing they also own a seafood place and have been involved in other types of restaurants in the past, I hope they are not done with their northward expansion and can find a spot about 30 blocks north (i.e. Wedgwood) to open another place. Help! Restaurateurs! We need you! Not that I don't love the Broiler and its old school charm (and menu, and pricing) and everything, but we need some variety.

Ahem, anyway, speaking of pizza, the main event for us that night was a Proscuitto and arugula pizza. At $13.50, it was a great price. It's not a huge size, but definitely enough for two. If you are super hungry, you might not want to share, or you might want to order appetizers like we did. And it was so, so, so good. I am a bit of a pizza fanatic and this definitely passes the test. The crust had that wood-fired-oven char on it but was still very tender and delicious. The toppings were fresh and tasty. I am probably going to eat about 20 more of these pizzas over the next few months. Don't judge me.

Prosciutto e Arugula Mioposto

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