China Glaze Teal the Tide Turns

I don't usually like textured polishes, or at least I didn't used to. But I picked up a few of the China Glaze Sea Goddess collection on clearance at Sally's recently and I am really liking them. I reviewed Tail Me Something here and today I am wearing Teal the Tide Turns.
China Glaze Teal the Tide Turns
Teal the Tide Turns

This mani has a coat of base coat (Butter London Horse Power), a coat of ORLY Ridge Filler, which I added because I wasn't sure of the opacity of the polish, and then two coats of Teal the Tide Turns. I love how this looks. 

This color is so pretty. It's kind of a matte with glitter mixed in, and there is something really nice about a matte glitter. It's not so BLING BLING! and I feel I can wear it to work or to more occasions than a really blingy glitter. The downside is you can't use topcoat with it, and I really rely on quick-dry topcoat to set my mani and move on with my evening.

Morning update: I didn't think the lighting in that photo did this polish justice, so I took a daylight photo. I don't know - it's kind of hard to get a good photo of this, but at least you can see the sparkle. You can also see the undies showing through though, so I will probably take it off today and start over!

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