Beauty Box 5 Review June 2014 - Includes coupon code for free box!

I was on vacation when all my June subscription boxes arrived. I am getting caught up since July boxes are on their way!

June was the first month I tried Beauty Box 5. I had a coupon so I got $12 off, which either gets you one free month, or $12 off a longer-term subscription. You can get a free month by signing up here and using the code FREE614.
Beauty Box 5 June 2014

I really liked the body wash and the shampoo sample in this box. The shampoo is actually not very expensive - I saw it for sale at Rite Aid for about $8. That's kind of exciting to me because usually I can only use more expensive shampoos. The skincare stuff was fine, nothing to write home about. I haven't tried the nail polish yet, but I like the color and the bottle is pretty!

The only thing I wasn't enthused about was probably the highest-ticket item, the Glam Naturals mascara. I am sure it is great, but I already have so many mascaras that I just decided to put it in my Storenvy store, which is where I sell things from boxes that I know I will never use.

I wasn't bowled over with excitement with this box, but I did get a super good deal on it, and it was definitely worth the price I paid with the coupon (which averages out to $6 a month). If I was paying $10 a month, I would have to compare it to my beloved Birchbox, and I don't think I can. But when my three months is over, I will probably have a better idea of my opinion of this box!

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