Plated Review Update

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My Plated Review from November 2013 is one of the top-ranked pages on this site, so I thought I would do an update! I've had the chance to use Plated several times since writing that review. A lot of the positives are the same, with a few positive changes, and a couple of really minor negatives.

Since that review, I have branched out a bit more and tried a couple of the vegetarian items. Here's a stuffed tomato recipe that was a huge hit.
Plated Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes
I wasn't sure if I would like this recipe because it didn't seem like it would be hearty enough for a dinner, but you can see it made a large portion and because it had quinoa and goat cheese, it was super yummy and very satisfying. It's also really pretty, which can make a difference when you are in a rut food-wise.

In my original review, I talked about how the packaging kept the food cold, the delivery was consistent, and the ingredients were all portioned out just for the recipe. These have all been consistently true with every Plated order I have done. I've done eight orders total (16 recipes) since my first one six months ago.

I've only noticed a couple of really minor issues with Plated. We've liked all of the meals I made with their boxes, but one small issue is that their chef seems to really love onions. They will often give you a whole onion when only a half is really needed, or two shallots when I really only need one. If you are just getting a feel for Plated, I would advise going easy on the onions in their recipes unless you REALLY love onions.

The other issue has been occasionally the recipe will be missing a minor step. There have been a few times they have you chop something in step one of the recipe, but in the written instructions, they never tell you where to put it in the final dish. But they give you photos as well, so it's usually very easy to figure out. Definitely read through the whole instructions before starting the recipe. Other than that, I have found the Plated recipes overall really easy to make and delicious.

Now for the new features - Plated now has two shipping dates a week, and you can pre-order menus up to a few weeks in the future! This feature is great because I hate having to remember ordering within a certain window. If it's been a while since you looked at their site, they used to just have one menu and it would constantly sell out. But now you can choose between eight different dates for delivery and while there is some overlap in the menu between the different dates, there is some variety too. I didn't take screenshots of the menu last fall, but I do think there is more variety now overall than there was then as well.

What I have really enjoyed the most about Plated is forcing myself to think outside the box when it comes to meal planning, and how special just the addition of a couple of small ingredients can make a dish. This Salmon Salad is a great example.

Salmon Salad
Plated Salmon Salad
We've all had dinner salads before with a piece of salmon, steak or chicken on them. But this recipe was special because it showed me how to make my own salad dressing with just a really small quantity of a few ingredients, and the dressing was so much better than a bottled dressing. One of the ingredients was literally a to-go-packet of dijon mustard, but it made all the difference. It also had me make a chopped tomato mix with the dressing and some other things and only mix half into the salad and put half on top. This is a simple difference over what I would have done, but it makes the dinner taste and look so much better. I'm definitely enjoying the inspiration and the meals provided by Plated!

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