Sally Hansen Pacific Blue Original Formula

Sometimes in the nail polish world, really wacky stuff goes down. There are people who spend hundreds of dollars a month collecting nail polish from a variety of brands and indie makers. There are people who, judging by their Facebook posts in private groups, buy nail polish instead things for their family and kids. There are highly responsible women who collect rare polishes and spend big bucks on them.

I don't do any of those things. I mainly buy salon brands like ORLY, China Glaze, Julep, or Zoya once a month or so when there's a good clearance sale somewhere. Sometimes I even go over to Rite Aid and buy Sally Hansen. A lot of the girls who are into the higher end and indie brands scoff at Sally Hansen because they are drugstore polishes. But I think you can set Sally Hansens beside a lot of much more expensive brands, and they stand up. 

So what was really funny to me was this weekend there was a kerfuffle online with a lot of girls going crazy because Sally Hansen apparently changed the formula of one of their polishes. This is from the Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear line, which is my favorite line they make, and the color is called Pacific Blue. I went dusty hunting in my own stash, and it turns out I have the old one. I was kind of tickled to find out that one of my little drugstore nail polishes was something people are going hot and heavy for on Facebook. So I had really no choice but to do my nails with it last night!

Here we have Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Pacific Blue, original formula, ladies! Let's bask in its $3 glory.

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue Original Formula

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