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Quick mani post! Julep recently had a warehouse sale called the Red Marker sale. Quite a few of the polishes were $2, so I got a bunch at that price and a couple more at $4, like Boris and Nicole here. Julep makes decent, salon quality nail polish, but their retail prices are overpriced, so I get excited when they have a big sale like that.

Julep calls this a metallic on their product page for Boris & Nicole, which I don't agree with, and lower down on the page they do call it a frost. Whatever you call it, it's a really nice color and finish. It's kind of a coppery brick red with just a bit of shimmer. I guess it's more of a fall shade, but I want to wear a darker outfit tomorrow, so I think it will go nicely.

Julep Boris and Nicole
Julep Boris and Nicole

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