How About We for Couples Review Part Two: The Free Date

This is the second of two posts about How About We for Couples. The first post is here. In that post, we tried out one of How About We's paid dates and a four-course restaurant meal. I tried this service on a free trial available to all customers, not just bloggers. And you can try it too - if you use my link, you get a free $50 credit toward your first date!

My Date in his Date Night Vest
Yes, my husband always wears that vest on dates.

On our second date with How About We for Couples, we also had great service and a server who really went above and beyond. The second date we went on was to Vostok Dumpling House, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Capitol Hill is a hip neighborhood and we don't go down there as much as we used to, but I always like the opportunity to go there and try something new.

This date was one of the "free" dates offered by How About We. I put "free" in quotes because you do pay $18 a month to go on one "free" date. After you have booked your free date for that month, you have the opportunity to book more and pay for them. When you look through the "free" dates, it's obvious that some of them are more valuable than others, so when I chose mine, I just used common sense to figure out if I was going to go to a dumpling place and be offered a couple of beers and a bunch of dumplings it would be worth more than if I were to say go to an olive oil tasting.

And sure enough, once I paid for my "free" date and the prices appeared, most of the dates that include food and beer are priced at around $13 (which is actually a really good deal for some of them) whereas the olive oil tasting one is $1! There are a variety inbetween. So I do recommend this service, but don't waste your "free" date on things you wouldn't pay close to $18 for. If you must go on an olive oil, popcorn or candy tasting, a popcorn tasting, or something else like that, wait to book it until you have used up your free date for the month so you can just pay the low fee associated with those types of dates.

Back to the date at Vostok Dumpling House. It included two beers (one each) and a total of 16 dumplings of our choice. The way it was written was "couples' choice of four types of dumplings (four dumplings each)," So I thought it meant we each got four dumplings for a total of eight, and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of food we got for our "free" date.

Vostok Dumpling House dinner
Russian Dumplings

The server was very gracious and accomodating even though it was a super casual place where you wouldn't expect great service. We weren't sure what to choose, so we asked if she could choose the four different dumplings for us, and she did a great job! For the first four, she served us Russian Fries, which are their fried potato dumplings with bacon, onion, and sauce on them. Note to self: If my old ass ever gets down to Capitol Hill and drinks myself silly again, I need to have a big plate of these. Second, she brought us a mix of hot dumplings and sauces, including their spicy house sauce, which was delicious. She upgraded one of the servings of dumplings to "Ivan Style," which has additional toppings. A couple of nice slices of bread came with that portion. Last, we got four cherry dumplings for dessert. They were like tiny fried pies and I think I need to drive to Capitol Hill right now so I can get some more.

Everything was super yummy, and I feel like this was well worth the $18 fee you would pay for being a How About We member. Since it was a casual environment, it would have been easy to add on to the order and pay for that too. But everything above (plus two beers) was included and all you had to do was tip. How About We did let you know ahead of time that tip was not included, so there were no surprises. It was really fun to discover this place, which because of its location, I probably would have never just randomly stumbled upon.

I only have one minor bit of "feedback" for How About We - Since it's a new-ish service and not everyone has heard of it, it would be good if there was some kind of printable voucher, ticket or something to bring in, like when you do a Groupon or Living Social event. They just tell you to arrive at the specified time and mention How About We. Neither of the places we went on had any issues with the How About We thing because they had our reservation on an iPad or something and knew exactly what to do, but it makes one nervous to just walk up to the host in a restaurant and mention a paid-for service but have no evidence. At Vostok, they did actually ask me to email them the reservation email, and she was very kind and said it was no hurry at all, but I did it right away and kind of wished I had been prepared with a printout or something in case my phone was dead. I think in the future I will print out the reservation email and keep it in my purse "just in case."

Overall though, I was very pleased with both the paid date we went on and this "free" date and I did choose to continue as a How About We for Couples member. I also want to try their concierge service for hubby's and my upcoming 10th wedding anniversary in June, so stay tuned for that!

Part one of my How About We for Couples review, about going on one of the "free" dates, appears here.

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  1. Looks yummy especially the cherry turnovers.