How About We for Couples Review Part One: The Paid Date

I signed up for a free trial of How About We for Couples for the month of April, and had a great experience going on two of their dates with my husband.

My Date

The trial I used was a free trial available to any customers at the time, not a blogger/PR free trial. They are currently running a special where if you use my referral link, you can get $50 off your first date with them (and I will get a bonus credit as well). Click here or any of the links in this post for my link.

The basics: How About We for Couples is a service that has pre-planned "dates" for you to purchase that include restaurant meals, arts events, activities like recreational activities or food, beer, wine and/or spirits tastings. It costs $18 a month, and you get one "free date" a month and the opportunity to buy extra dates. We went on one "free date" and this one, which would have been a paid date except I used my new user credit to pay for it.

A lot of the paid dates are restaurant meals, but there are a couple of arts events (ballet and theatre) that are really good deals because you get two tickets and a wine reception for a price that's less than the ticket price. I really hope How About We does more of these in Seattle. There's also an archery class I am oddly interested in taking.

Our "paid" date was to Phinney Market Pub and Eatery, an upscale neighborhood pub in the upscale Seattle neighborhood Phinney Ridge. (This date gave me total neighborhood envy!)

I'd only vaguely heard of this restaurant before, so it was really fun to try out a new place outside of our stomping grounds. The price would have been $75 if I didn't have new user credit, and the date consisted of a four course dinner and two beers each. The only thing we had to pay was the tip, and the How About We for Couples clearly let us know ahead of time that the price included tax but not tip. We also could have ordered more drinks or food for an extra cost as well, but we didn't need to because the meal we had was really huge!

Prix Fixe of Champions
When we walked in, we were presented with a prix fixe menu with a few different options for the main course. It also contained a list of the other courses, which were chosen for us. The first course was a yummy Mediterranean Chickpea salad, and we each got our own small plate of that. The second course was a pork belly to share,  and the dessert (creme brulee) was shared as well. The entree options were a couple of different pastas and a couple of different sandwiches, so we ordered a burger and a smoked salmon mac and cheese and split them both.

Everything was delicious, but overall there was way too much food! I think if I had paid for this, I would have rather paid a bit less money and been served a bit less food. Hubby had no complaints, though, and the amount we did receive was definitely worth the money. I can't complain too much because no one was stopping us from putting some of it in a to-go box.  I just think of prix fixe dinners as being a bit more elegant and not necessarily containing a big pile of upscale pub food. That having been said, the food was all really good and we will definitely go there again and have a normal-sized meal! They also mentioned that they have a late-night happy hour.

The service at Phinney Market Pub and Eatery on the How About We for Couples date was also really good. It did feel like a more special date than just going out to any old bar and grill on a Friday night. The beer was our choice, but we asked the waitress to choose, and she asked us a couple of questions about what we liked and made some really good choices for us.

Overall, we were very satisfied with our date as well as the "free" date we went on and will definitely look forward to booking more dates through How About We for Couples in the future.

Part two of my How About We for Couples review, about going on one of the "free" dates, appears here.

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