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I just found out about this site called Hatch that has a lot of different customizable items. They are really cool items, too! I am kind of building a wishlist of items I would love to have, and will probably do an order soon. I haven't tried these items myself, and all photos are from Hatch's website.

The first thing that caught my eye was this customizable wallet by Moxie & Oliver. They are Seattle-based and I have been a fan of theirs for a really long time, but I didn't know they were customizing stuff and selling it here.

Customizable Wallet by Moxie & Oliver
I love the idea of customizable leather goods. You could put a person's favorite poem, story, verse from a religious book, or even a special note to that person. I think this would make a great graduation or teacher gift as well.

Another really cool option is that you can have a custom portrait painted!

Custom Portraits
I actually know someone who had a custom portrait painted of his cat. I think it would be so fun to have something like that, or a custom portrait of a beloved grandparent or child. Some of these are really creative, too, and I think you could do it to promote yourself or your business.

Another item that caught my eye were these custom flip-flops that write words in the sand

Sand Imprint Flip-Flops
Can you imagine walking down the beach and leaving a funny message, or even the name of your blog? Not that I would do anything like that. Pardon me while I put my credit card away. They also have wedding-specific sand imprint flip-flops, which would be fun.

Speaking of weddings, there is a ton of customizable stuff on Hatch that probably will meet your every need. I am not much of a wedding girl, so I will let some other blogger get into that, but if you are, it might be worth a look. They also have sections for a variety of gift-giving opportunities. I've been browsing the site like a maniac and will probably cave and buy something soon!

Note: I am a Hatch affiliate and these are affiliate links. But the opinions are my own. I only advertise sites I think are cool.

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