Feathery Stamped Mani

This week, I am participating in a Round Robin challenge in the Facebook group "Pacific NW Polish Addicts." We were asked to comment on a thread if we wanted to participate, and then the next person who comments gets to give you a challenge. This was my inspiration photo:

She didn't credit the photo, but after doing a reverse image search on Google, I think it came from this Sew-Your-Own-Infinity-Scarf tutorial

I've been wanting to try the LeadLight technique, which is a stamping technique where you start with a white base and dark stamping and then color in over the top with jellies. Jellies are colorful, sheer polishes and LeadLight is a brand of them sold by Messy Mansion. I used L'oreal jellies for this from the Miss Candy line. 

First, I did one coat of Sinful Colors Snow Me White, and then a coat of Out The Door (quick dry top coat). I stamped using Sinful Colors Black on Black. For my plate, I chose Pueen 47 because it has kind of a mini-feathery pattern that reminded me of the fabric on the scarf. 

Base of mani
With the LeadLight Technique, they tend to go over the whole pattern on the nail, filling in the different sections with different colors. I did a variation of this where I painted over one coat of L'oreal Bubble Trouble (pink) to make the whole nail a sheer pink on top of the stamping, and then I dotted in Jolly Lolly (red) and Mango Mamma (orange) to mimic different color feathers.

Finished Mani!
I'm not sure how much it looks like feathers. For some reason, now it reminds me of some weird form of leopard print. But either way, it's cute, and I had fun doing this challenge.

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