Birchbox Review - May 2014

I've been a Birchbox subscriber for almost three years, and it's the one subscription box I will never cancel as long as I have $10 to scrape together. This month, I received:

Birchbox May 2014
Birchbox May 2014

Here's the little card that comes with and says what all the products are:

Cotz Face Natural Skin Ton SPF40, full-size $20. Nexxus Color Assure pre-wash printer, shampoo and conditioner, full-size $11.99-17.99. Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm - Coral Crush, Full-size $8. Sumbody Salt Scrub Bonbon, set of three, $13.50. Votivo Candle in Azure Garden, Full-size $12-26.
Explainer Card
This was a collaboration with Kate Spade Saturday, so there was also a coupon for that site in the box.

I have discovered so many products that I loved through Birchbox, and you have the chance to review each product for points that count toward credits on the site. So even though it costs $10 a month, you get $5 a month back in points to spend later, making the box cost only $5 a month. They have great customer service and a wide variety of products. They reward loyalty by periodically sending out ever-increasing coupon codes based on how many months you've been a subscriber. You can even reuse the boxes as trays or storage in your bathroom. It's a win-win.

Some people complain about Birchbox because they think the sizes are too small and they would prefer to get full-size products. If you are looking for a sub to always receive full-size products, Birchbox is not for you. Birchbox a true discovery service, though, and I have found lots of products I loved through them. And frankly, I have a lot of full-size items I have received through different, higher-priced subs that just sit around and don't get used up. I tend to love at least one product from each month's Birchbox and am usually able to save up points to get a considerable discount on the products I love.

So, in this box, the only product that was just "OK" to me was the shampoo/conditioner set. I don't color my hair, so maybe I am missing something that people with color-treated hair are desperate for, but my hair is clean, so OK. I really liked the other four products! Tinted lip balm is a no-brainer, and this one has a great texture. I have been obsessed lately with finding an exfoliating body product, and the sumbody bar was really nice. Both of the other products are great as well. So this box was a total win for me.

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