Le Baigneur Review - Men's soap and shaving

My husband is really into men's grooming and shaving products, and has been getting into different soaps and cleansers too. So I was very excited when Le Baigneur, a men's product company, sent me samples to review. The items came to me directly from France! I can't tell you how excited I was to get a great-smelling package in the mail from France.

Mail from France is always special.
In the U.S., you can find Le Baigneur on Beautyhabit. They have full size and minis of each type of soap except the shaving soap, which is round and kind of its own thing.

Luckily, the excitement continued when we opened the package. First off, the packaging has a really nice design.

In this photo, the Exfoliating soap is a full-size, and the Tonifying soap is a mini. The shaving soap is in kind of a large package, but you can see the real size below.

Hubby's first impressions were that it feels like you are getting something special when you open it. He thinks it would make a great gift for a man who is into grooming. One note was that the shave soap was a bit on the large side and didn't fit into his normal shaving cup, so if you are giving this as a gift, he would recommend gifting the soap and bowl set iconso that the soap fits properly. For his purposes, though, he was happy to just carve off a chunk of the soap for his shaving setup in the second bathroom.

My husband was really drawn to the package design and started waxing poetic about the aesthetics of shaving and masculinity.

Package Design Closeups
He likes designs that remind him of an apothecary or haberdashery. He likes something that looks masculine, and the fact that it is coming from France makes a difference. The soaps also have designs embossed in them, which is a nice touch. Being into men's grooming for him is a different way to be masculine if you are not into sports or hunting.  He said that sometimes there are products that have a great design but the product is not up to par, which is very disappointing. The Le Baigneur products are really good, so he was very satisfied.  He finished up this soliloquy with a flourish: "Works, does what it says, it's sharp, appeals to the masculine/classy aesthetic, and it comes off great. I like shit that does what it says it will do, and there aren't very many of them."

Wow! So getting into the products themselves, his first reaction was that the products all complimented each other. We were sent shaving soap (round), tonifying soap (black), and exfoliating soap.

A bounty of soaps!
Hubby washed his face with the tonifying soap and then shaved with the shaving soap. He used the exfoliating soap on his body. He really liked both bars of soap, but gave me the most detailed review on the shaving soap, since that's what he was the most interested in.

The fragrance of the shaving soap is nice, not overpowering or obnoxious, and seems natural. He has had other products that smelled good in the moment but had a bad reaction later in the day where there was a lingering scent that soured, so in general he is wary of any kind of fragranced shaving products, but the scent of this soap was really nice and subtle.

Another thing hubby obsesses on is lather. The lather of the Le Baigneur shaving soap was "medium, not too little or too full." It washes off easily, where sometimes shaving soaps are hard to wash off. There was no residue left over. He just feel clean, softer and smoother after his shave!

He thinks if you used this daily, it would last for months because it is a large size, so even though he gets "sticker shock" on products like this, he thinks its absolutely worth the money. It's kind of funny to me when he gets sticker shock on fancy shaving soap. He buys one and it lasts forever. If he saw the amount I spend on beauty products, well, let's just not think about that. 

Overall, he really liked all three products and would definitely repurchase them!

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