Little Black Bag Preview

Have you ever tried Little Black Bag? It's a combination shopping/gaming site. They sell handbags, jewelry, accessories, beauty, and home items. You open a "bag" of items and then you can either ship them or trade them on the site with other shoppers for a week.

It can be super fun and it can be super addictive, and there are some negative aspects to the site, so I haven't written about it before. But I've had a bag open this week and it's been more fun than negative, so I probably will write a post about it when I get my goodies!

So far, this is my favorite thing I have in my bag.

Washington State Necklace
Here are a few quick tips:

  • Try to learn what others are trading high for before you open your bag. You can do this by looking at the news feed or asking around in chat.
  • Sometimes chat can get kind of intense. Take a break from chat if it is getting too intense for you.
  • LBB can be very addictive. Be careful! If you have a shopping or gambling problem, either set yourself a limit or stay away.

When I have an LBB bag open, I do nothing but work, necessities, and LBB, but I will be done with my bag in three days and then I will report back! I decided this was my birthday gift from my husband this year.

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