We're Becoming Farmers!

Just kidding. We are city kitties, and we both have jobs where we work in an office. But we would like to be able to garden. We are renters and we don't have any outdoor space, so I put myself on the waiting list for Picardo Farm, a P-Patch in my area. It's run by the city and you can rent a garden plot. We got notice last week that we get a plot this year!

Farmer Colin
This "farm" is about a mile from our apartment in a residential neighborhood. So it's convenient to where we live and we could theoretically walk or bike there. I'm not sure how often I will feel like doing that, since typical Seattle style, the last few blocks is a super steep hill. But in theory, we could.

Picardo Farm P-Patch from the Southwest Corner
Picardo Farm P-Patch
This is the oldest community farm in Seattle, and it's huge!

View from the opposite side of the farm from our plot.
Walking around Picardo Farm is really interesting and inspiring. You can see that some people take great care in their plots. There are a variety of methods on display, and some people even had pretty little tiles and artistic painted stones in their plots. 250 gardeners have plots at Picardo Farm!

And here is ours!

Our plot at Picardo Farms
Our plot at Picardo Farms
We were warned it's pretty rough! It's full of mulch from the winter, as well as some pretty scary-looking weeds and a giant rock that my husband is already in love with. We're planning to head over there next weekend and do a cleanup project and then start planning and planting!

Our plot is conveniently located next to the communal compost area.

I'm not sure how great that is going to smell come summertime, but we will find out!

Our plot is 10' x 20' (200 square feet) and it costs us $50 for the year, which includes an "application fee." There is a program for low-income people which helps waive their fee, which is nice because having a garden is one of the ways people can be sustainable. Seeds and plants are fairly inexpensive compared to the yield you can get out of them. We are not low-income people, but we have been thinking a lot about budget and how we spend our time, so it will be nice to have a place to grow veggies this year, and we are excited about having a new kind of project.

The garden awaits
I'll be writing about our garden progress on the blog! Feel free to chime in with advice or tips. Hubby and I both grew up with gardens and gardeners,  but we haven't gardened at all since moving to the Pacific Northwest, other than containers in our old place. It's going to be interesting for us!

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