Nail Photography and Editing, starring ORLY Masked Ceremony

I'm still working through my ORLYs that I bought in January when Sally Beauty had their big BOGO sale on ORLY. I love ORLYs because the handle is rubberized! It makes a huge difference in application, and they have consistently good formulas, so I will probably buy more and more in the future.

ORLY Masked Ceremony
ORLY Masked Ceremony

Today I am wearing Masked Ceremony, which is a black with silver microglitter. ORLY calls it a shimmer. It also has a few pieces of bigger square glitter in it. It's not a glitterbomb, which is good if you want something shimmery but more subtle, which is what I was going for today. When I swatched one coat on a plastic spoon, it looked like a jelly, so I did use an undie, Revlon Hazy (a light gray). I'm not sure whether I needed it, but my nails aren't that great looking so I wanted to makes sure I covered all my bases if there was any sheerness.

A topic came up recently in one of my groups about nail polish swatch photos on some blogs being too "professional" and Photoshopped. I can assure you, dear readers, that my photos will always be 100% unprofessional and never Photoshopped. I wouldn't even know how to use Photoshop if I had it. As you can see in today's photo, I have a scratch on my middle finger from one of my cats. My photos are all taken with my trusty Samsung Galaxy S3 and the only editing I do to my photos is cropping, adding the captions and my blog's URL, which I do on my phone using an Android app called Photo Grid.

And I actually don't just swatch nail polish. I do get polish from PR people occasionally, but I don't do a ton of swatching like some bloggers do, since I am not solely a nail blogger. My manis are full manis that I then wear for a few days, until they chip or until I get bored with them and want to change it up. So they also have topcoat on them, and I usually use Out the Door, which you can find at Sally Beauty.

I like to just try to take natural light photos whenever I can so you can see how the polish looks. Natural light is relative, and I live in Seattle where there is hardly any sunlight in the winter, which gives my photos their "atmospheric glow." My older swatch photos are in the hallway outside my powder room, so lit with indoor light. I do my nails at night, so I used to always take the photos that way, but recently have changed to waiting until the morning to do them in natural light.

Your mileage may vary depending on the quality of your natural light, your indoor lighting, and your top coat, but hopefully my photos are at least somewhat realistic for people like me who just want to wear their manis!

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  1. LOL. You crack me up. I love this line " can assure you, dear readers, that my photos will always be 100% unprofessional and never Photoshopped."

    I have trouble with our darn PacNW weather, too! When it gets dark at 4pm, it's possible to ever get a natural light photo of a mani! But you do a pretty good job of it. :D