NatureBox Review - March 2014 and Coupon Code!

NatureBox is quickly becoming one of my favorite subscription boxes. Before I get started, I do have a coupon code: You can use code PGB4M to get $10 off your first month!

I kind of only think of it as "sort-of" a sub box since NatureBox is so customizable. I could see a day coming where they just sell their snacks in a shop or have more than once a month deliveries, because if their other customers are like my husband and me, we've been growing more and more likely to snack on their stuff than anything else.

In fact, this month we managed to max out the number of add-ons you can do to a box! It turns out, the max is 15, at least for our subscription, which is the basic package of 5 snacks. Look at this big box of snacks!

Giant Box of Snacks
This box contains 20 unique snacks and rang up to $52.95 before my credits (I had credits from a referral as well as from the disappointing situation last month with subbed out items). We started with the $19.95 "Deluxe Package," which contains five unique snacks, and added on 15 more. The more you add on, the cheaper each additional add-on gets. Seeing this giant box of snacks, I was also thinking this would be a good subscription service to sign up for if you are an executive assistant or office manager in charge of providing snacks for your office.

If you have been reading my NatureBox Reviews, you know that last month they subbed out some of my items, and I didn't get my most favorite Dark Cocoa Almonds. This month, there were no subs! Whoo hoo!

My fave NatureBox snack
The box came at the perfect time, since we had finished most of the snacks from last month. So I am not too upset that we maxed out our number of snacks, since it seems to be about the right amount for a month's worth.

I'm not going to go in depth on the details of NatureBox since I have discussed that in previous reviews, and you can click here for all the details: NatureBox Reviews. But we have been saving all the packages over the past couple of months, and when we go in to do our next order, I am also going to write a post about which items are our favorites from the box!

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