Zoya Tinsley Review

I took advantage of the recent Zoya promo and got myself six Zoyas for the price of three! Very exciting. The promo was for three "free" nail polishes with a shipping charge of $12. But you can usually get free shipping at Zoya if you spend $25, so I bought six, got three for free, and paid a total of $27. Here's Tinsley!

Tinsley- Indirect Sunlight

Tinsley has been on my wishlist for a long time. Zoya describes it as a "a full-coverage, rose gold foil metallic." In certain lights, it looks rose gold, and in indoor lights, it almost looks like a light copper.

Indoor Light- Tinsley

Direct Sunlight- Tinsley

It's a bit on the sheer side- This mani is with two coats. I have some ORLY Nail Rescue and ridge filler on some of my nails, but on the ones that don't have that, you can see just the teensiest bit of white line. That is... IF...you can get past the gorgeousness of the sparkle in this. Zoya and I have a difference of opinion on what metallics are- I would consider this more a shimmer, but either way, it's gorgeous, and I love it.

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