PMS.Com review

There are a lot of period boxes out there, and I have never subscribed to any because it's not really something I feel the need to get a special box for. Also, I live across the street from a Rite Aid and I can go over there and get my own period supplies every month (with the addition of chocolate, of course).

But when I heard that PMS.Com was having a special to get the first month free, I thought I would give it a try. I ordered this free box using a deal available to any customer (i.e. although I did not pay for it, it is not a PR box).

The box came as advertised with a package of 15 regular tampons, 15 "tutu towels," and 16 ibuprofen tablets. box

First off, I can't take ibuprofen, so that's worthless to me. I'm sure the wipes and tampons will be used, although the tampons have plastic applicators, which I don't like. And I think the whole package is overpriced. I found similar items on Amazon, put them in my cart, and the total was $12.57. I can get larger packages of the same stuff at Target for about the same prices. Granted, there's a convenience factor in shopping online, but no one really needs to order these products online when they are products you can find at any drugstore and discount store.  And it does not have half the things you really need, like overnight pads, pantiliners, and of course, chocolate. So I have cancelled my subscription already. 

But as I looked over the site to get info for this post, I started to get more and more annoyed. And just for the record, I am not suffering from PMS as I write this post, as cranky as the rest of it is.

First off, if someone managed to own the domain "," that's probably a super valuable domain, and this is what they have done with it? Shouldn't it be a helpful site about women's health, specifically PMS and its more severe and sometimes debilitating sister PMDD? And they way they approach PMS is as a joke, when for many women it is a serious, painful condition. They make a lot of references to the "crankies" and "crazies," which is concerning because it just furthers stereotypes about women's health. I've suffered from PMDD for 20+ years, and have been watching as the medical establishment has struggled to figure how to deal with it over that time and the treatment I've been offered has developed. It took a lot of years before I was treated effectively for it. Last year, it was finally included in the DSM-5, and is now actually considered a mental illness worth treatment by more than chocolate and jokes. I just wish the jokesters behind this brand had taken a more thoughtful approach to what to do with this super valuable domain. 

Second, the way their website is designed is pretty intensely gross to me. First, they completely borrowed the design from PopSugar, and admitted as much in this comment found on My Subscription Addiction's post about them. When someone accused them of stealing the design, this was the response: stolen design
OK, so you stole the design from someone else who paid a "fancy designer;" admitting it does not make it OK.

Unless someone bought the domain years ago, subsequently went broke and is just now using it, they paid a lot of money for that domain. Domains like that which have a hugely recognizable name are pricey, and just the fact of being short also makes it pricey in the market of today. I can't find sales records on (they are probably private) but I don't think the people behind it could be some low-budget DIY enterprise. So I don't believe the story that she couldn't afford a fancy designer. I just think they are trying to slap something together to make as much profit as possible.

Last, their home page is just cheesy and sort of offensive. It's got tons of glossy lifestyle photos, and a bunch of pictures of laughing socialites. They call their tampons "Smooth Slidey Tampons," which is just plain gross.

They also call their wipes "Tutu towels," which is more cheeky than gross, but still kind of annoying (again making the period into a joke). All of this cheekiness I could manage if the company looked like it was trying to do something other than rebrand the period and make a profit by selling a substandard product to women while trying to be their best (and better looking) buddy. It's not working for me,


  1. Raechel9:55 AM

    "We feel bloody lucky we’re able to ease your pain a little!" <- I may have thrown up in my mouth a little with that line from the website lol. I think I shall pass on this box! Thanks for the review!! (And thank gosh they are smooth slidey- my tampons are rough and abrasive.. not.)

  2. Um. Wow. Just wow. At least your review made me the expense of this ridiculous site!