Peach Industries Review

There's a pretty big problem known by all cat owners. Most cat furniture is ugly, and much cat furniture is unappealing to cats. And then if you do manage to find cat furniture that's not ugly and does appeal to your cat, it sits around taking up a ton of space and getting dirty and is very difficult to clean.

Enter Peach Industries Kitty Lounger Mini!

Peach Industries Kitty Lounger Mini

I was sent this to review by Peach Industries, and to tell you the truth, I was nervous. What if my cats didn't like it? I would feel really bad accepting something if my cats wouldn't use it. Obviously I would never write a false review, but I try to only take PR items that I think I will like or that my I know my husband and I are interested in. It's hard to know what your cats might be interested in, though.

Lucky, our senior Himalayan cat, Poco, loves the lounger! He is 11 lbs. of fluff and the size fits him perfectly. I do have a big tuxedo tabby that tried to get into it and it was too small (but he is a very, very big cat, probably around 20 lbs). They do have a larger version for sale that might fit bigger cats. And oddly enough, they wouldn't go near it until I washed the hammock part in the washing machine. Maybe it needed to smell like home. 

I love the designs they have for this item, and it fits in nicely with my contemporary home! You can also get other covers in case you want to change up the style. I got the Neptune cover, and the fabric is a thick cotton that washed up really well. It actually matches my bedroom decor perfectly. They have solid colors and other patterns as well. I think this is my other favorite:

Photo from Peach Industries website


  1. That is really cool. I need to figure out how to make one of those!