Julep #mymaven contest entry!

Julep has a contest every month where they post nail art made with the colors of the month. I don't always take the Julep box, but this month I did, and here is the art I made. Apparently this is the last #mymaven contest as Julep is preparing for new contests in the future, per their Facebook page.

This is a stamping mani, and it's fairly subtle because both of the colors are dark, but I love it!

The base is Julep Rooney, which is described as a "walnut bark creme." I love Julep cremes. This is a cool brown tone and I really like it on its own. It's not opaque in one coat, and some girls were complaining about that, but I usually do two coats anyway of any polish.

Julep Rooney
Julep Rooney

Then I stamped over it with a floral lace from Pueen 27 (from the Love Elements collection) and Julep Kristen. I'm in love with Kristen. Julep describes her as a "Deep sea teal with silver microshimmer" and she is gor-geous. I didn't swatch Kristen separately- if you do decide to buy her, make sure to look for swatches on Google or Pinterest because Julep swatches are almost always off.

Stamped mani with Julep Rooney and Kristen
Stamped lace mani with Rooney and Kristen for #mymaven 
I haven't taken a Julep box for a few months, but they seem to be making some positive changes in their subscription program. One thing that's kind of exciting to me is that you can now upgrade to get the whole polish collection and nothing else - previously you could upgrade to get everything they were selling, but I don't necessarily always want their beauty products.

I did go out on a limb and ordered the Lindy version of the Cupid Mystery Box. I don't usually get mystery boxes because you get a lot of dupes and clearance items. However, I haven't gotten much from Julep for a few months, so I got the makeup version after seeing a spoiler online. I've never been super impressed with their non-nail beauty products, but I thought I would give it a try since you get quite a few products for the price, including some nail polish I don't have. If nothing else, it  will give me something to write about here!

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