Julep Review - February 2014

It's been a while since we got our Julep February boxes, but I decided to write a review now! So what! I'm doing it now, OK? *sarcasm*

Julep February 2014

In February, I took the Bombshell box and added on Rooney and Diamond Theory. The big news was that Julep came out with a sort of liquidy cream eye shadow that they call Eye Sheen. There was a lot of debate in a Facebook group about Julep about the size of the product, thinking it was very small, but we did some research and found it was about the same quantity as several other upscale brands of cream shadow. So how does it look?

Julep Eye Sheen Warm Fig Shimmer
I'm a sucker for any plum eyeshadow, so I went with the Warm Fig Shimmer shade, and I really like it! I generally don't get very excited about Julep's non-nail beauty products, but this is a winner for me. It is an interesting consistency and it goes on kind of liquid, and you have to sit with your eyes closed for a couple of minutes to let it dry or it will crease. However, once it is dry, it has a nice slightly shimmery look and stays all day. It's a winner in my book.

As for the nail polish, I haven't tried it all, but I really like Rooney, which is described as a "walnut bark creme" by Julep. I like to wear darker neutrals sometimes and this really fits the bill.

Julep Rooney
It's a bit on the sheer side for a creme,  but it was definitely opaque in two coats, which is what I am wearing in the photo.

I even did a fun stamped mani with Rooney and Kristen, and entered it in the #mymaven contest that they have each month. I didn't get chosen to be a finalist, so I am very sad... Don't you think I should have been in the finals with this beauty? 

Stamped Mani with Kristen over Rooney
I did a mani with Judi too, which is a deep purple creme, and it was gorgeous. Somehow I failed to take a photo of it, which begs the question: If you don't photograph your manicure, did it ever actually occur? Next time, I will take pictures.

Disclaimer: I am a Julep affiliate, and advertising links are placed in this post. That did not affect my review of the products, and I don't even like all of Julep's products, so there.

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  1. Ooooohhh that stamped mani is so pretty - great color combination!