Followups and Favorites February 2014

Do you ever read blogs and think... Sure! You tried something for a few days, wrote a review, and forgot about it, but I want to hear about the long-term impressions. I'm left hanging wondering how it worked out for you in the long run!

What happened with all that stuff she tried?

Me too. And I will be honest- I get products to review, I like them when I use them, but then I forget about them and never buy full sizes. So today I'm writing a Followups and Favorites column, with links to the original reviews as well. If you like it, I will make it a regular feature. Let me know in the comments!

Favorite Recent Products 

I've tried a lot of nail and skincare products in the past few months. The one skincare line that stands out the most to me is Paula's Choice. Ever since I wrote my review of their products, I've been bouncing back to them whenever I go off for a day or two to try another sample. The cleanser doesn't dry at all, the moisturizer is so lightweight, and the mask is great too.

Paula's Choice
For hair, we keep going back to the Obliphica Nourishing hair products, specifically the Orange line. I kept taking it out of the shower to try out other stuff, and magical elves (AKA hubby) kept putting it back in. He has completely gray hair and I guess it makes his hair a nicer texture than any other product. As I mentioned in the post, I gave away the thicker moisturizers because they were way too much for my fine hair, and the ladies I gave them to (an Asian lady and an African-American lady) love them. But I did start using some of the serums more when the weather got colder and my hair got drier.

For nails, it's hard to choose a favorite. I love so many of my manicures. But the 100% Pure nail polish really made me interested to try more stuff from the brand, and I have a Birchbox order on its way now with some makeup products. I do have to tell you that my nails were a bit stained when I took off the 100% Pure nail polish. I did use their base coat instead of my normal one, and I don't think I will use their base or top coats. But I love the smooth, creamy nail polish.

100% Pure

Favorite Books

Believe it or not, I was once exclusively a book reviewer. So if you look at my books tag on this blog, you will see reviews in all different genres going back to 2005! But nowadays my day job keeps me really focused and challenged, so my favorite recent reads are more for entertainment, and I have gotten really into historical fiction, and I review cookbooks sometimes as well.

The two historical novels that have stayed with me the most are The Scribe and Tuscan Rose. Both had strong female characters and had epic stories full of danger and adventure.

The Scribe

Favorite Subscription Boxes

My long time favorite subscription boxes are Birchbox and Sample Society, and I have some new ones I will be writing about this week that I am very excited about. I think the most exciting discovery for me in the past few months has been Wantable. I got to try both their makeup box and their accessories box, and both were great. 

Wantable Beauty
You might remember that my necklace from the accessories box broke when I tried to put it on, and I wanted to let you know they sent me a new one right away. In fact, all of my Wantables shipments were very fast! I wondered if it was because their PR was sending them to me, but I asked around in beauty forums and everyone said their shipping is fast for regular customers as well. 
Wantable Accessories
So those are some favorites from the past few months - Let me know if this is a helpful kind of post to read and I will do it again!


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Yes, keep doing this!

  2. I enjoyed it, Angie. Great to get an overview of your favorites and best.