Coola BB Cream Review

I was excited to try out Coola Tinted Matte SPF for Face, which Coola is marketing as a BB cream. Coola sent me this product to review, and then I got a mini in my February Birchbox. I'm excited for the mini for my purse because half the time I am running to catch the bus and don't manage to get my face done in the morning, but I don't want it to go completely unprotected.

Coola BB Cream
Coola BB Cream full size
Coola BB Cream Birchbox Sample
Coola BB Cream Birchbox Sample

OK, let's start by saying how important it is to always wear SPF. Even if it's rainy, even if it's wintertime, you need to protect your skin for lifelong health and beauty! I know way too many women who have suffered from skin cancer, and let's face it- we all want to keep looking as young as possible as long as we can. Sure, you can get Botox, but it's not the same... and the last few letters are "TOX" which, in my book, stands for "TOXIC." So let's try to keep our skin healthy from the get-go, ladies and gents!

So when I am looking for foundation products, I always look for something with SPF. I have tried other brands' BB creams with SPF and been disappointed because the color was too dark, the product was too thick, the product was too light in color, or it just didn't do anything. Frankly, I had pretty much given up on BB creams.

But this product doesn't seem quite like the other BB creams to me- it's lighter and sheerer. The finish is silky smooth, reminding me of Benefit's POREfessional (which I adore, but doesn't have SPF). The color doesn't seem to change the color of my skin tone at all, except to dull a slight pink color that I have when my face is bare. It also does a nice job of mattifying the shiny spots on my chin. If you have very dark skin, I am not sure how this would work, but it seems it would work with a variety of lighter skin tones.

These photos were taken about two minutes apart, in the same exact spot with natural light coming through a window from my right side. 

The Coola BB Cream does not provide heavy coverage, so if you need that you might want to use it as an SPF primer or "top coat," much like you can use POREfessional. But I don't always need or want heavy coverage, so this product is perfect for me. I love my Benefit, but the addition of SPF puts this over the top for me. I think it could work well for men, too, because it doesn't look at all like makeup, and men need SPF too.

When it gets warm in the summer, I don't wear much makeup, and the SPF BB cream I used last summer was a bit heavier. It's chilly here (Seattle) now, but I think this will wear well in hot weather. If anyone out there is trying their Birchbox sample in a muggy climate, I would love to hear how it fared!

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