Chevron Stamped Manicure

The inspiration for this manicure comes from a kind of funny place. One day I was testing some different nail polishes and fooling around with them to see how they would stamp. They didn't work out for the manicure I was working on that day, but they looked so cool on the napkin where the overstamping goes that I had to use them together! 

I started with a base of Sinful Colors Snow Me White:

Snow Me White

By the way, this polish also stamps like a dream. It's regularly available at drugstores or discount stores like Target for a couple of bucks, and sometimes goes on sale for 99 cents. I've never done my nails with it on its own, but it makes a great base for stamping because the white enhances the colors that are not quite opaque enough on their own.

When I do stamping manis, I started doing two coats of my base and then a top coat, just like any other mani. It's not strictly necessary for color purposes, but it helps prevent chips. It takes over an hour to do a stamping mani, so it kills me when it chips the next day!

So then I stamped with:
Plate: Messy Mansion MM12

Stamping materials
I used the three different colors, one per stripe of the chevron pattern in the middle of MM12. And here is the final result!

Chevron Stamped Mani

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