Batch Nashville Review

There's a kind of new trend of local subscription boxes, meaning boxes that are made of products from one city, state or region. It's a cool trend, and I was especially excited for Batch Nashville. I have a special place in my heart for Nashville. I've been there twice on brief work trips and loved the charm and hospitality there. Of course the music is great, too- no matter where you go in Nashville, there is live music playing.

So when I had a chance to review the Batch Nashville box, I was ecstatic! They kindly sent me this box to review. I'm not sure if this is a regular monthly box or a special gift box- they sell both on their site. But what I know for sure is it's a box of yummy goodies from Nashville.
Batch Nashville Movie Night

The Batch Nashville box was full of food products. The theme of the box I was sent was "Movie Night," and it contained popcorn, candy, cute napkins, and a syrup to make cocktails. All of these things are very enjoyable to me. The packaging of all the products was really unique and interesting too, so I took lots of photos!

Bang Candy Company Marshmallows
Bang Candy Company Marshmallows
When my sister and I were in Nashville, we actually stopped by the Bang Candy Company, but I hadn't tried any of their products. I think I had shopping fatigue (or maybe wallet fatigue) by the time we got there. So I was glad to finally taste these marshmallows. They were so yummy, with unique flavors and a really fresh texture. I'm not sure the "Crispearls" on the outside were really necessary - it was like someone said "Marshmallows need to be crispy," but I don't mind regular old soft marshmallows. But they didn't hurt anything either.

Tempur by CG Truffles
Tempur by CG Truffles
Second, I tried out the Tempur by CG artisan truffles. These were cleverly packed into a plastic container with mini-marshmallows inside to keep them fresh and intact. What a clever idea! The truffles were pretty good. They all had a solid exterior and a creamy interior. You could tell they were handmade because of some slight imperfections in their shape. One of the truffles had some kind of crumbly topping that got all over the inside of the box, but it didn't hurt the flavor at all.

White's Elixirs Saigon Cinnamon Simple Syrup
Other stuff from the Batch Nashville Box!
The other items were Lisa's Kettle Corn, White's Elixirs Saigon Cinnamon simple syrup, and some cute napkins designed by Batch Nashville for the box. The kettle corn was fresh and tasty. I was really excited about the White's Elixirs simple syrup- this was probably the stuff I was most excited about in the whole box. I'm slightly obsessed with flavored syrups because I have a Sodastream machine that I use to make my own sparkling water, and I love to add my own flavors since the Sodastream flavors are pretty gross. There are so many cool artisan syrups out there nowadays and I love trying all of them. It looks like this brand is so new that they aren't even for sale yet, but I'm going to keep my eye out for them because the syrup was amazing! I tried it in my diet Coke and it tasted great. They suggest using it in a cocktail recipe, which would be really good too, but I drink more sodas than cocktails nowadays. It can definitely hold its own against others I have tried- Morris Kitchen springs to mind.

Overall, I was thrilled with my Batch Nashville box. They also have an online shop on their site where you can order individual items as well as themed-out boxes.

Disclaimer: I was given this box to review for free, and the links throughout are affiliate links. But I am still excited about Batch Nashville anyway.

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