Stamping with Three Purples

Today's challenge in the Facebook group Adventures in Stamping was "Stamping with Three Purples." I decided to try a water marble for the first time. Water Marbling is a technique where you drop polish into water, swirl it together and then dip your fingers in it. I would advise watching a few different YouTube videos on it before you try it. I watched a ton and took some advice from each.

So, here is the water marbling:

Water Marbling
I haven't cleaned up here since I am going to stamp on top of it and there is cleanup there too. 
This water marble was done with:
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Lacey Lilac
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Wild Orchid
  • Ulta Professional Celebutante
Colors I used
I love the caps on Rimmel London. They have a little silver crown.

Then I decided to stamp over this with a mint green, hoping for a spring-y look. I'm not sure how successful my stamping was. I wish I had used a more delicate stamp to let more of the water marbling through. 

I stamped with Color Club London Calling. I used Pueen 27 (from Love Elements) on my index finger and Mash 70 on the other fingers. 

I'm not thrilled with the results of this mani, and I might take it off later and just do my nails with some of the purples. I am going to a birthday party tomorrow night, so I might just do something fun and sparkly. But I had a good time trying out the water marble and I love the color combo that I came up with. 

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