Sally Hansen Triple Shine Review

I have a lot of brands of nail polish, but there is one tried-and-true brand that cannot be overlooked: Sally Hansen. I love their Xtreme line for fun colors, and the formula is really nice. They have a new line called Triple Shine and graciously sent me a few to review. 

Today I needed to overcome the stamping fiasco I did earlier and come up with a cute look for a birthday party I am attending tomorrow. I chose these two polishes for a fun birthday look:

The solid pink is Pixie Sticks and the glitter is Twinkled Pink. The glitter is a pink jelly with pink microglitter and silver big glitter in it. 

I like the brush that's in a lot of Sally Hansen polishes. It's a wider brush and lays down nicely on your nails, leaving a nice even coat of polish. Some people don't like it, though, because it is kind of on the larger side. You have to be careful not to flood your cuticles when using this type of brush.

Wide Brush
Now for the finished mani! I had a super hard time getting a good picture of this manicure because THIS SHIZZ IS SHINY! Sally Hansen is NOT JOKING when they say Triple Shine. I took an HD pic in the light in my hallway and it kind of wouldn't focus on my nails because they were so shiny. But suffice it to say, the Triple Shine label is not a lie. I didn't even have the top coat on yet when I took this photo.

This Shizz is Shiny
Sally Hansen did include a top coat as well, and so I put it on after I waited a couple of minutes to see if the glitter top coat would dry. I've had too much nail drama today to deal with smudges, and after two coats of the pink and two coats of the glitter, I wasn't sure. But even though this isn't advertised as a quick-dry product, it tried pretty fast, so I went ahead and top-coated it too. More shininess ensued and I am very pleased with my blinged out mani.

I would put these up against any of the "salon" level brands of nail polish that sell for around $8-10 at places like Ulta or nail salons, but the Triple Shines only cost around $5, more or less, and you can get them just about anywhere from Ulta to Target to drugstores. I have a couple more colors to try out, and I will show those off soon!

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