Rivet and Sway Home Try On Review - Help Me Choose!

The other day I told you about Rivet & Sway and showed the screen shot of my home try-on order. They arrived!

I have a very wide face and was happy there were quite a few choices and all had feminine touches. It isn't hard to find wide frames any more, but they are often kind of masculine. That look can be cute too, and I have a pair like that, but I like to have options that are more feminine.

Let me know which frames you think look the best on me! Unfortunately the lenses they use in the home try-ons give off a lot of glare, so the photos are kind of glare-y, but I think you can get the idea.

First, we have the Hungry Heart in Cherry Bomb, which are my current glasses. Maybe I don't even need new glasses? What do you think?

Rivet and Sway Hungry Heart

First of the new try-ons, Pillow Talk in Rock Candy. These seem very pink online, but are a bit more purple in person. I kind of like them better in the purple, though! These are my favorite of the ones I tried on. What do you think?
Rivet and Sway Pillow Talk
I love the details on these frames.
Pillow Talk Details
Next, we have Rizzo in Crushed Velvet. These did not really fit me. They are a bit tight. I don't really like frames that are this narrow for me anyway, but for some reason whenever I do home try-ons, I always choose one of this shape just to check. It's hard to see in this photo, but the interior of these has a really cool pink swirl pattern.
Rivet & Sway Rizzo
Check out these cool details- the pink swirls are on the back side of the frame. It's just enough to make them feel special.
Rizzo Details
Last, we have Snapshot in Cherry Blossom.  I really thought these would look great on me, but I think they come down too far on my cheeks!
Rivet and Sway Snapshot
The fronts of the Cherry Blossom color are black and the earpieces are pink and kind of textured.
Which ones do you think look the best? I am really liking Pillow Talk!

Update (2/11/14) Since I wrote this post, Rivet and Sway changed their home try-ons from three to five! I did end up getting Pillow Talk, which I review here.

Disclaimer: I am a Rivet & Sway affiliate, but I liked them and purchased my Hungry Heart frames long before I became an affiliate. It's just a serendipitous occurrence that I have a blog now and can make a few pennies talking about something I already like!

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