Rivet and Sway Home Try On!

Do you wear glasses? Have you ever tried Rivet and Sway? I got my last pair of glasses from them. They are based in Seattle and have stylish frames for women. I am super lucky because my prescription rarely changes, so I can get fun styles and switch them out from time to time, but since I got these, I have mainly just been wearing them because they are my favorites.
Me in Hungry Heart in Cherry Bomb
My FSA just rolled over, and I love to get new glasses. So I decided to start another process of looking for glasses from Rivet and Sway.

People sometimes ask how you can order glasses online. How do you know they are going to fit and be OK? Rivet and Sway allows you to do home try-on orders for FREE! You do have to give a credit card number, and they put a 99 cent authorization on it, but it eventually disappears. They say it is to prove you are a human, but I assume it is in case you never return the frames.

You get to get the frames in the mail, try them on in the comfort of your own home, take photos to share with your social media friends, and take time to think about them outside of a high pressure sales situation that can sometimes come with buying glasses. And they are cute!

I really want to find some glasses that are pink or have some pink on them. I have these three frames coming in a home try-on order as we speak! I will share the process of choosing glasses with you as I work through the process!

My Rivet and Sway Home Try On Order
Update (2/11/14) Since I wrote this post, Rivet and Sway changed their home try-ons from three to five! I did end up getting Pillow Talk, which I review here.

Full disclosure: I'm a Rivet and Sway affiliate, which means the links are advertising links. They are providing a discount for me to order glasses. However, I do have to pay for the bulk of the purchase myself. I liked them before I became an affiliate and would have ordered from them again, so participating in this program and sharing the process with you as readers is just icing on the cake for me! I do sometimes use affiliate links in my post, but I never advertise things I haven't tried and enjoyed. Please let me know if you have any questions about that!

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