ORLY Ingenue

Sally Beauty has a BOGO sale on ORLYs going on this month. I've been loving ORLYs lately. They have great, unique colors AND I love the rubberized handle! Their bottles have a teeny bit more than most full-sized nail polishes, although for me that rarely matters since I hardly ever use up nail polish.

The first new color I tried out was Ingenue. I always do my nails in the evening and see it first in indoor lighting. Under the light bulb in my hallway, it looks like a very pretty copper  microglitter.
Indoor Light
So imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to find my nails had transformed into a really pretty mauve flecked with copper and rose gold! ORLY describes it as a "purple/gold duochrome shimmer." Here is a picture in indirect sunlight:
Indirect Sunlight
And in more direct sunlight. Disclaimer: In Seattle in the winter there is rarely such a thing as "direct sunlight." But this is overcast natural light:
Direct Sunlight
Look at the differences! So great. I'm sitting here looking at the bottle as I write this and I am mesmerized. It will be amazing if I actually ever finish this post.

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