Love With Food Review

Have you ever tried Love With Food? I tried it out by signing up when they had a super good coupon. According to their website, they provide "organic, all-natural snacks" each month. They have a couple of sizes, and I chose the larger size box, which usually goes for $19.95 a month, with a small discount if you purchase multiple months.

It might sound ridiculous, but I really liked that the box was bright red and cute. Part of the fun of subscription services is getting a kind of present in the mail.

Love With Food box

The box had a really good variety of snacks, and plenty of snacks in it. If you compare the prices of these to retail value, I am sure you would get your money's worth. Organic and natural snacks are pretty expensive, and the box came with several each of both sweet and savory snacks.

Deluxe Snack Box from Love With Food
There's also a card that explains all the snacks:

Explainer card
You can go on the Love with Food website and do reviews of the snacks as well. You get points for the reviews that you can use to buy full-size items on their site.

So I was pretty excited to receive this box, and while I do think it is a good value, unfortunately none of the snacks were anything I was particularly excited to discover. A couple of the snacks were just weird or gross, like some food bars and a "breakfast cookie" that had coffee beans crushed up in it. It really tasted like eating a baked good that had fallen into some coffee grounds, and not in a good way. 

Most of the snacks were just fine, but average tasting, like some gluten-free cookies and some mini-packs of almonds. Maybe if you need to be gluten-free, you would be excited to try average-tasting cookies if you had a hard time finding cookies at all, but they tasted pretty much like any cookie you find in a vending machine. There was only one standout product to me: Jer's Squares chocolate squares. They were super yummy and had a kind of unique blend of textures.

I have a limited budget for subscriptions, and I live in Seattle where there is no lack of natural or organic foods on every street corner. So in the end, I decided to cancel my subscription to Love With Food because I didn't think it was interesting or unique enough to subscribe to for me personally. I wouldn't say NOT to get it. I do think the dollar value is there, and it might be a bit more interesting to someone who is passionate about discovering new organic and natural brands. It's just not particularly for me.

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