Life With Angie Week in Review Jan 5-11, 2013

This week is full of manis and food! Oh, and how to be effortlessly chic like a French woman for the rest of your life.

I tried out a Floral Plaid Stamped Mani based on a pretty dress I saw online. 

I tried out the Besh Box, the new subscription service from famous Louisana chef John Besh.

I did my nails with Essie Hip-Anema

We talked about appropriate Job Interview Nails.

I got my January NatureBox and got super excited about yummy snacks.

Last, I put in a Home Try-On order from Rivet and Sway!

See you next week! I have a new brand of nail polish to review, a couple of subscription boxes, a book review and a cookbook review on the agenda! Not to mention whatever manis and other fun things I come up with. Hopefully my Rivet and Sway home try-on order will come and I can share that and get your feedback.

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